Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Assembling - Cuff '09'

This is another piece which belongs to the body of work named "Reflections on Technology". It is inspired by the idea of armour and conceptually it draws upon the notions of our belief in "protective" function of personal electronic devices such as mobile phones or iPods.

I took these pictures as I find the lines created by the cable and the aluminium panels very visually interesting.

First piece from the new body of work - components

These are components of an oversized necklace which have been cut out of aluminium and sandblasted. Sandblasting works really well on the aluminium, minimum of sanding needs to be done to prepare the metal. Due to the softness of aluminium any scratches - except the very deep ones - are removed by the medium used for sandblasting.

Experiments with aluminium and speaker cable

These are rough models for possible wearable pieces, created in 2009.